ignorant (in)action or intelligent (in)action?

It's that thing called intuition. You know, that voice inside that nudges you to make a choice. The 'right choice,' or at least we hope.

This way or that way? To act or to refrain? Coffee or tea? 

When it comes to certain decisions, I find myself often perplexed as to which choice to make. While, yes, I am a Gemini, decisions don't always come easily - leave it to me to find the positive in both choices. 

I'm amping up for my very first half marathon this weekend. Am I ready mentally? YES! Am I ready physically? Not sure. After 2 months of rehab on my knee, I'm wondering if my body is ready for the race. While I believe in mind over matter, it's important to honor my body. So, what to do? Run or rest?

What is the difference between:
ignorant action? 
intelligent action? 

ignorant inaction? 
intelligent inaction? 

eye of the beholder
Where's the line between laziness and intelligent inaction? 

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