I love artsy movies. LOVE them! One of my favorite times of of the year is Film Fest - wherever and whenever and the quirkier the better.

While I didn't see Pina at the Film Fest, I was lucky enough to catch it over the weekend and WOW! 
Pina Bausch is regarded as one of the world’s most radical and influential dance-makers and this film is a tribute to her by director Wim Wenders. Exploring the artistic possibilities of 3D, the film is a documentary journey of the work that Bausch made since first setting up her company in Wuppertal in 1973. 

[And how random that I just met some people from the very town of Wuppertal in Germany!]

The film is a beautiful exploration into Bausch's passion and human expression asserting her belief that dance is part of life, a language that can express emotions beyond words. 

“Dance, dance, dance.Otherwise we are lost.” 
~Pina Bausch

Have a peek at the trailer:

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