artistry in action


It was one of those days. 

A day that could be referred to as a Monday, but frankly, it's Wednesday. The Universe gave me plenty of opportunities to practice grace today - I failed horribly. At first. Then things turned around. 

What I remembered is that life will always present obstacles, er, um, I mean 'opportunities' to practice patience and walk the higher, the brighter path. And these said 'opportunities' just may continue to knock me off my balance. 

However, when life throws me a loop and I whirl around and fall on my ass I've noticed that it doesn't take as long for me to pull my socks up and dust my wings off before I'm back to my center.

Interesting that when I fall out of a yoga pose - say, I'm playing with some funky expression of Vasistasana - I find it humorous and fun. However, when I fall off my balance when I'm not on my mat and want to flip my traffic finger at the *?@$!^% that cut me off on my bike, I wonder where grace is when I need her?

Ah, living yoga . . . artistry in action . . . that's what I'm talkin' about . . .

Yoga has made me into a more sensitive human being and a more resilient one. My asana practice has taught me to become better at recognizing where, when and how I get wrapped up in the drama of reactivity.

Next time, when the girl at FedEx pisses me off, with practice, maybe I will be able to see it as a doorway into a bigger teaching. While I may get angry and impatient, I will do my best to keep a spacious mind and an observant heart. I will remember that it's these moments of conflict that offer an opportunity to practice equanimity by letting go of my attachment to how I wish the world to be rather than to accept how it actually is. Instead, I will remain committed and connected to the integrity of effort itself and just see what happens . . .


"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you ever be polished?"
~ Rumi

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