INtegral Beauty

Ever judge a book by its cover? 

Like most, we are sensory beings. MMM, the deliciousness of fresh baked cookies melting in our mouths; the scent of tuberose (nuff said!); the warmth of a friends hug; the spectacle of a super moon on the horizon; the allure of a new favorite song.

I'll admit: I've been crushing on photography lately and can't seem to get enough of beautiful imagery - be it in nature, at a gallery, in a book or online.

I'm loving how Nick Veasey invokes the senses through his x-ray photography to suggest that things may not be as they appear. What lies beneath the surface? Through his photography, Veasey aims to challenge the notion that while we are attracted to physically beautiful things, objects and images on a superficial level that beauty is not only skin deep.

Where do you see beauty?

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