One of the reasons I called this blog, inquire + inspire, is because both words embody the word 'in'.

(noun) to seek information by questioning
(verb) to seek to learn by asking

(verb) to affect, guide or arouse by divininfluence; to fill with enlivening or
                exalting emotion.

It's important to take a mOMent here and there to pause. To take a breath and go 'in'. To question whether or not whatever was working for you, still is. If so, YAY! If not, what needs to change to inspire life towards a higher, deeper, more meaningful one?

This process of noticing and generating insight is simple and cultivates a clearer awareness that (hopefully) extends into all aspects of life. Over time, this art of awareness infuses into everything: every choice will become better informed, every action more intentional, and every response more insightful. It is with the intention of shifting towards establishing greater connection and happiness that the journey of discovering our intrinsic creativity to celebrate and explore the infinite potential of the human spirit is revealed.

During my yoga practice this morning, the word 'integrity' surfaced and continued to flirt with my focus throughout my entire practice. 
By definition, integrity is the state of being whole, entire or undiminished. Basically, it means to be honest, to be real. How often do people mean what they say and say what they mean?

Whether you say you're fine, and you're not; you say you'll be there at 9am and you're not (you flake out or you're late); you make a promise and you break it. We often rationalize the reasons for bailing on someone or something (any New Year's Resolutions come to mind?) or not holding true to our word. 

But here's the thing: every time you rationalize these scenarios, you weaken your character, your state of being whole, entire and undiminished and instead.
If you are told a secret, keep it. If you say something, mean it. If you commit to it, stick to it (through the light and the dark). If you say YES, let it in - no matter how hard. If you offer your assistance, mean it with every single, savvy cell of your being. If you say now, be ready for it.  

Integrity isn't an obligation. It's a choice. Make it. Take it. And choose to rise.

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