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Oh, transitions! 

It is a very bright, full moon this evening. And under it I flutter. I often feel ungrounded during full moon and this year, well, this eve of June 4 is full and bright and abundant with:
  • a lunar eclipse
  • it just so happens to be my birthday tomorrow!
As my astrologer suggests, eclipses intensify the effect of New and Full Moons, creating a deeper experience where fate often manifests. As I'm about to drift off to sleep, I wonder what kind of birthday surprises are afoot?

A happy wish for everyone on June 4, this magical Lunar Eclipse, from The Daily Motivator:

Happiness is here now
Happiness is here now, today. Live it.
The possibilities for greater and greater fulfillment are immense and amazing. Explore them, and claim the best for your own by acting on them now.
If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, now is the time to get moving. If you’ve been wanting a change for the better, now is when you can make that change happen.
Your dreams and desires are real and alive in this moment. Use this time to follow where they lead.
Your unique and priceless journey has brought you now to this point. Pay sincere tribute to all that rich experience by making meaningful use of it on this day.
Happiness and joy and fulfillment are now yours. Live them today in your own special way.
— Ralph Marston

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