Each year, I choose a word for the year. This word, my magic word, is my personal mantra for 365 days. It is a word that nudges me along when I feel lazy, lost or indecisive. This year, my word is:

I have the above picture saved as my desktop image - a solid reminder for when I get lost in my own thoughts or on the internet or distracted by other tasks. Now is the time to complete the job. Now is the time to send that long overdue email. Now is the time to pick up the phone and speak your truth. Now is the time to make it happen! 

With the approaching Labour Day holiday on the horizon - and perhaps the squirrelly energy of the full moon - I have to say it's been quite a week. I've come to realize that Labour Day weekend is really about finishing up all the loose ends of Summer to be completely carefree all weekend long before September. All week, I've been reminded to be. here. now.

Getting present with what is - opposed to how I would rather life to be - has been my message of the week. And so, tomorrow I am diving right into my fears (being on video at TV interview. gulp. sigh. sweaty palms.) and doing what I've said I would do all Summer. Now is the time. And I've finally had the courage to step into it.


After speaking with a student at my last teacher training, and remembering how vulnerable it is to be taking your first yoga teacher training, we got to talking about how yoga is merely a metaphor for life. How you show up on your mat is how you show up in your life. 

How do you (want to) show up?

It takes a lot of courage, commitment and persistence to take something new on. To give something your best efforts AND to be detached from the outcome. You only need to be where you already are and realize it, make it real. There is no place else to go. You cannot fail to be where you already are. So you cannot fail at your practice if you are willing to be with things as they already are. 

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