the heART of no-thing.

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What an incredible weekend of doing no - thing. 
Except for being.

I am all for goal setting, making magic happen and getting things done. However, life has been full, full, full lately - a happy consequence of all that goal setting and magic making - without little room for ... life. There is something deeply profound about going with the flow.

I recall a very profound conversation I had with a psychologist I used to work with and while I cannot remember the context of our conversation - I'll bet it had something to do with children's world views - he mentioned that "spontaneity is a defining feature of life." 

This little phrase is one that I meditate upon frequently. 

"Spontaneity is a defining feature of life."

I reflect on this sentiment often when I'm teaching yoga and how so many times I'll have a great sequence or teaching all planned and well thought out, but when I'm actually teaching so often do I teach something completely different. I teach to what is in that very moment. Whether it was a conversation with a friend or student that inspires the offering for the class. Or maybe I'll get inspired mid-class to sequence some postures in a new way. Perhaps the tune on my iPhone ignites a little spark of taking the class in a different direction. Whatever the inspiration or tangent may be, the essence is really to teach to the moment. To hone in on my awareness of what inspires me that day and continuing to hone my awareness to who shows up at class, to the breath, and eventually the moment. 

And the moment is all that truly is.

"Spontaneity is a defining feature of life."

This last weekend was a digression from life being so planned out and instead just going with the flow. Being in the moment. And what brilliance it was! I had a lovely weekend simply BEING. Not doing.

Being in the moment was just me, my man and our love and a weekend of ease: a few lovely, long walks along the ocean, strolling through the Farmer's Market, landing tickets to Gotye - by the way, if you are not yet aware how INCREDIBLE this artist is, check him out!- hiking up Inspiration Point, lounging, reading, yoga, and a movie. 

{ check out the trailer for Two Days in New York! }

It was soooooooo lovely to have absolutely NO plans and just go with the flow. I highly recommend it.

So, I dare you to throw out your itinerary for the coming weekend and just see what magic may manifest. After all, spontaneity is indeed a defining feature of life.

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