Happy New Year!

It's a New Year! On my end, many new projects are on the horizon and I know a few of dreams will be coming a reality — and I wish the same and beyond for each and everyone of you. Whatever plans you might concoct to kick off 2013, I hope you partake in something fun and festive in the company of loved ones and that there is a sparkle in your step, a twinkle in your eye and a song in your heart.

. . . there is saying about leaving on a high note, and this year has certainly been that and beyond!!! 2012 has been a year of manifesting vision like I never thought real. This last year has been a year of shakti, recognizing the power of NOWness, and the power of saying YES! It has been an adventure of wild and wondrous moments so beautiful and mystic they have captured my breath. Numerous times, this year, while as grounded as I could have been, I have asked someone to pinch me and ask:

is this real?

Every year I have a Word for the Year. A personal mantra, if you will. For this year, my word is

Grace is my guiding light, my dristi, my mantra, my meditation. I am open to the Divine plan, the Greater Plan, for all that shall be this New Year . . . 

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