It's in the stars, baby!

Most evenings, I can look into the dark night's sky and see the stars sparkle. There's something about looking to the stars that reminds me of the magic of the universe. Speaking of the magic of the universe, I checked my horoscope over at The Chalkboard this morning and I must say, THIS YEAR IS LOOKING GOOD:

Gemini, it’s a fresh new year and you have so many projects you are ready to begin. Are you ready for some major financial progress? Lucky Jupiter powers forward on January 29th in Gemini, delivering a whole new life for you. By June, you may hardly recognize yourself! Once Jupiter leaves Gemini at the end of June, the good fortune planet will move into Cancer, your money house. All those business plans you set into place now could turn into gold by the summer. The Sun is in Capricorn, your seductive eighth house of shared resources. You might be receiving some unexpected cash this month, whether it comes from a spouse, settlement or insurance payment. The eighth house also rules transformation. Get out of your outworn routines and start something fresh that makes you feel good. Moreover, it’s a wonderful time to spend some one on one time with someone special in your life. Energizer Mars is visiting compatible air sign Aquarius in your ninth house all month. Traveling, marketing and learning – all will be lit up for you as well, this month! Venus, the love planet, is in Sagittarius, your seventh house of relationships, until the 9th. You might be excited about making things official between you and a special person, or if coupled, more harmony will reign in your relationship. The new moon in Capricorn ignites a powerful new beginning for money and sharing resources on the 11th. The full moon on the 27th in Leo falls in your third house of communication – you might have to jet out of town or have an important meeting. This is definitely a month where you are feeling more like being with someone close, so be sure to honor those feelings. This year could be one of your best years yet, so enjoy!
If you're not a Gemini, find your path in the universe here.

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