working for someone or working for YOU

This year I'm launching a new company and am VERY excited about it! While excitement seems to be bubbling over most days, there have been times that I've been so overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen: building the website, branding, marketing, getting all the products ready to go, cost analysis, corporate registration, and on and on it goes. Even though some of the necessary foundation (like building the company budget) clouds the fun creative stuff there hasn't been a moment of doubt wondering: can I really do this?

I came across this post the other day and thought to share it for anyone interesting in making that leap from working for someone to working for YOU. While in the past I have worked in creative collaboration with some absolutely brilliant companies, there's something magical about manifesting your own vision. 

I thought that the following check-in points are like holding up a mirror and taking an honest look to see if you are clear in your vision and have the gusto to make it happen:

35 Gut Checks When Founding Your First Company

If you are thinking about founding your first company, standing at the edge of the entrepreneurial swimming pool, trying to decide if you should dive in, here is a checklist  to help you figure out if this life is for you. If you’re answer is “No” to more than 10 of these statements, think very carefully about making the jump. There is no science or data to support this checklist.  Strictly my own observations of what is required to enjoy and excel in this experience.
1)    I tend to thrive in an unstructured environment
2)    I am capable of teaching myself almost anything I want to learn
3)    I do not need positive reinforcement from others in order to be happy/effective
4)    I am primarily competing against myself
5)    I am completely self-motivated
6)    More often then not I get what I want
7)    Money is not the primary metric by which I measure my professional success.

8)    I am comfortable living a life that most of my friends/ family will not understand or be able to relate to
9)    I am a fantastic listener
10)  I seek out help at the first sign that I need it
11)  Work is by far and away my greatest passion
12)  I handle disappointment well
13)  I have more energy than most people
14)  I love to win and hate to lose.
15)  The concept of “the path” revolts me
16)  I am above no task or role
17)  I have friends and family who will support me 
18)  I have no fear of running out of money
19)  The word “can’t” is not in my vocabulary.  There are things that are extremely difficult to achieve, but nothing is impossible.
20)  Pressure does not derail me
21)  I am not intimidated by anyone
22)  I enjoy solving hard problems
23)  I do not frustrate easily
24)  I exercise regularly
25)  I fundamentally believe in myself
26)  I am highly experimental
27)  I am a doer, not a manager of doers
28)  Laziness and complacency disgusts me
29)  I am an excellent judge of character and talent
30)  I am rarely tricked.  It is very difficult to deceive me
31)  I have an extremely low tolerance for incompetence
32)  I have an extremely accurate perception of my strengths and weaknesses
33)  I am not too proud to admit what I don’t know
34)  Everyday accomplishments bore me
35)  I am going to change the world

It's important to remember that no matter whatever you embark upon that leadership isn't about having a brilliant idea. It's about taking the initiative to make things happen. 

Are you ready to take the leap?

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