change your perspective

Time to change your perspective?

It's Monday. A new day. A new week.

I had an incredible weekend of friends + fun. Three yoga classes in 24 hours with some amazing teachers (Vinnie Marino and Yoga Girl!, Elena Brower & Sadie Nardini) who all reflected a central message: you are responsible for your own happiness.

I returned home with some food for thought recognizing that there are a few things I need to change my perspective on. It's so easy - too easy, in fact - to get lost in the realm of blame and judgement rather than to take responsibility for our experiences and our own happiness.

This weekend reminded me of Maya Angelou's words that we are all human and it is both the light and the dark that we so often see in other people that also resides within us all. And all the "stuff" that we put on other people is the exact "stuff" we need to look at within ourselves. 

Our own ability to respond to what happens to us, our response-ability, dramatically affects our happiness. As William James put it, "human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

Remembering the teacher who lives within us all and beyond us all,

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