living the dream.

Despite the heaps of work over the last week(s), I feel like I've been on a quasi meditation retreat over the last seven days. Focused on writing and getting all my ducks in a row, as (the infamous) "they" say. Focus. Focus. Focus. Amazing how focusing the mind reveals the magic and space that was there all along. 

I just lose sight of it. 

And just like in meditation, I've had these waves of that inner voice whispering, whispering, whispering. You know that voice: it's the one that is silenced when we become externally focused or myopic - in both vision and heart - and that very same voice that says exactly what you need to hear at that very exact moment you yearned for a sign, a message, a something, an anything and guided you in the right direction. It's that very same voice that has been nudging me in this direction or that. The voice that speaks in truth and clarity:

"You're living the dream," she whispers to me. "You are living the dream."

I have been feeling exceptionally grateful for all that life has brought me: the light + the dark. Perhaps it's because I'm emerging after nearly a year of dancing on the darker side of the moon that I feel exceptionally luminous. Maybe it's because there was a lunar eclipse on my birthday this month. Maybe it's because the Summer Solstice is nearly here. Or maybe it's because I'm listening. Listening to the soft whispers of that inner voice lullabying to me along the journey to keep walking, keep walking, keep walking . . . 

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