SoulStice Sadness.

A year has passed and, ironically, I find myself in a very similar state as this day last year: over caffeinated, under slept, wobbling with delirium, swelling with emotion and exploring new (emotional) landscapes. Similar emotions. Different circumstances. Sort of.

Last year, I lost the most important woman in my world, my Grandmother, and it totally rocked my world sending me into a tailspin of darkness and a spiritual crisis. How ironic for Summer Solstice!

Today, I'm traveling to foreign lands and have slept no more than 7 hours in two days ... and I have another day of travel ahead. This Summer Solstice wasn't grounded in any kind of annual ritual of remembrance for one of the brightest and lightest souls I have ever known. Rather, I have (literally) been flying in the clouds and in someways I couldn't have expected a better place to be than in the sky: floating and soaring in a different way but similar to how free I imagine the expansiveness of my Grandmother's Spirit. 

Loving and missing her still ...

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