Autumn Equinox: Letting Go.

Ganesha not only symbolizes the wisdom but also power to ward off any problems. Ganesh, the great remover of obstacles, bring it on!
Today is the Autumn Equinox: a day where light balances the dark. As we move from the fun-filled fluttery days of Summer into the more introspective days of Fall and Winter, it's the perfect time to harness the changes we observe in nature in our own lives. Yup, time to clear out what no longer serves you in your life to create space for something new.
Change is in the air. As the days get shorter, leaves are falling from the trees and some plants even die. This organic process of letting go is indeed a powerful one - and can be for you, too. This time of year is an inspiriting time to reflect on life and intentions set way back in January 2012. How are those goals coming along? There is still time in 2012. There is still this moment to make a conscious choice.
Nature is signaling that it’s time to let go of the things, thoughts, thought patterns and behaviours that weigh you down and diminish your sparkle. Perhaps those once-upon-a-time choices may have served your higher You, they don't any longer and may have become an obstacle preventing you from moving forward embracing new ideas, inspirations, and opportunities.
What are you holding on to? Can you let it go?

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