December 08 | Reading
What has been your favourite book or blog or magazine you've read this year? 
Not gonna lie: I loved the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

December 09 | Spontaneity 
What was your last act of spontaneity? 
Put on red lipstick ... on a Sunday.

December 10 | Accomplish
What are the 10 things I'm most proud of accomplishing this year? What are 10 things on the to do list for next year? 

Registered my yoga school with Yoga Alliance
Took a boating course
Adventured into trapeze
Consistent with the gym - well, at least enough to keep my knees happy!
Recognized when something wasn’t working and embraced the courage to let it go 
Erica Blitz Yoga Teacher Training Arabian Style
Bought red lipstick AND wore it (well)
Got my Green Card
Cycled more in my life than ever!
Scratched a few things off my bucket list.

Skydive over the Palm Jumeriah, Dubai
Hand out a $100 bill to a stranger
Launch my nutrition company
Learn photoshop
Do the Color Run
Visit NY and London
Inquire + Inspire Yoga Teacher Training ~ Dubai
Trip to Vancouver that is ALL play
Start to teach yoga locally (and continue to teach internationally)
Ski trip


  1. You are catching up with a vengeance, eh? So inspiring to read... and it will be inspiring to watch as you take yourself to higher and higher levels.

    Happy Reverbing! (Glad you found the We Reverb group on Facebook!)

    1. Thanks, Julie!
      Such a great time of year for reflection, intention and community!