daily mOMents . . . part ii

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For the prequel, daily mOMents part i have a peek back here.

Here's part ii:
  • Asking the angels.
  • Spa and solitude nourish my soul.
  • I have nothing to complain about. Life is a blessing.
  • Nothing but love.
  • Remember to rise.
  • Where there is a will there is a way. But there must be will for there to be a way.
  • Be responsible for your own emotions and the energy you give out.
  • New goal: evolve to Super Soul status.
  • Never blink against your own brightness.
  • Be honest with yourself about what you see.
  • Don’t let your fear win.
  • Prioritize your pleasure.
  • Nourish your self with your tastes, desires, and lifestyle choices.
  • Feed your own simplicity.
  • Exceptions are a part of life.
  • Lead by example
  • Own everything that happens to you.
  • Patience is persistence.
  • Obstacle is inspiration.
  • See all that you are instead of what you are not.
  • Be mindful of your judgments: You never know . . . when you see or meet someone what their story is
  • Your past does not determine your future. It could, but it doesn’t have to.
  • Simple pleasures make all the world of a difference in delight.
  • Yoga is the path to awesomeness
  • No matter what: stay open.
  • Hold faith that the magic of yoga will work . . . and it does.
  • I wonder: is being a yoga teacher trainer more about the journey for them or my own? Who is the one who goes through the most transformation? Who is the pushed to the boundaries of it all: compassion, love, delight and evolution?
  • Students are the greatest teachers of all.
  • I bow to the teacher within and beyond . . .
  • Create your calm.
  • Forget regret.
  • When it’s over. It’s over. Let go and let live.

Le fin - June 2013

Winnipeg, Canada.

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