Moon days are auspicious days - and, in particular, today's full moon is a lunar eclipse which is said to illuminate conflict both within and without. 
With the Moon full and bright, it's a symbolic "illumination" of what's going on in our own lives. As the moon shines its light so that the night sky isn't as dark, we can draw inspiration to illuminate our own darkness. These darker and (possibly) new feelings and revelations can be emotional ones. 

Our shadow side is the gatekeeper of freedom because you can't fully be yourself if you have aspects that are hiding. Our darker sides harness the truth of all the authentic parts of being human: vulnerability, fear, shame, unworthiness, discontent, jealousy, etc. The only way to invite these negative emotions or experiences out of their shadow is to bring them into the light. 

What would happen if your dark thoughts and conversations were brought out of the shadows and into the light?

What is your shadow? What part of you do you NOT want to be? One way to explore your shadow is to get curious about the people you don't like and the qualities that they have - not their behaviours but the qualities inside of them that you don't like. When we have the urge to change qualities in others it's only because we have those qualities in ourselves and it is within ourselves (not others) that we need to make those changes. 

In my yoga classes, I often teach that Yoga is about relationship and invite my students to get curious about the relationship that they have with their Selves. Because how you relate to your Self influences how you relate to others. And how you relate to others influences how others relate to you.

Learning to love even the darker sides of ourselves can help us find intimacy in any relationship - especially within ourselves. Inner work is key to closely understanding the human condition, to relating better with others and to live more power.FULLy.

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