re.LAX. Back to sunglasses, sandals and sand in between my toes.

What a fabulous extenda-weekend in Vancouver! 

While we just arrived at LAX with the welcoming warm air and palm trees, Vancouver holds a special spot in my heart. This Thanksgiving weekend in particular reminded me of  the gifts VanCity has given me, the power of gratitude and feeling free. 

Our Vancouver days were spent with meetings of minds and yoga mats (stay tuned for some great projects and adventures!), stolen moments in Stanley Park and tasty treats down on Granville Island. Each hour was full, full, full yet we found plenty of time to breathe (thank you MyYogaOnlineSjanie over at YYoga and Christine down at One Yoga for your awesOMeness on - and off - the mat) and celebrate and explore and dream with the fluttering of falling leaves and golden dusk -always remembering to cherish each moment as it unfolded.

Delighting in Autumn apple crisp and Americanos, chilly early morning sailing in English Bay, hiking through the forest on the North Shore, the discovery of new spots with old friends and reminisces of the past (we stopped by the tree we were married under for a quick kiss and a moment to remember the happiest day of our lives . . . thus far) I was astonished by the beauty of Vancouver's place and its people. 

Now that we're back in California, Fall will always be second place to Summer but there's no denying its cozy comfort of cashmere sweaters and scarves.
With a fresh feeling of Autumn inspiration in the rich shades of the colour of fallen leaves and sunlit skies, all tinged with bits of gold . . . we are re-LAX'ing back to life in a new place of change and possibility.

Hope you've had a wonderful mid-October weekend and that it's beautiful where you are.

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