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I'm on an adventure up to Vancouver, BC for the next few days and the Divine has timed this spontaneous trip just so: the Cherry Blossoms are out! I absolutely love when these pink petals that pop every Spring as a reminder of new beginnings and letting things go.

The ephemeral nature of cherry blossoms is what makes them so delicately unique: they only bloom for two weeks each year at best. While we know they will blossom each Spring, we never really know exactly when (Mother Nature trumps us all - every time). Cherry blossoms are not only a reflection of nature's beauty but also a reminder of the zen of minimalist being.

We are reminded to appreciate things without owning them, without any attachment. The fleeting nature of these petals is that they are beautiful and then they disappear. Like in life, we take nothing with us in the end anyway. 

Ah, the impermence of, well, everything. Nothing lasts forever. We can't hold onto things or even experiences. Cheery blossoms remind us to be present with what is because it's really all we have and that some of life's most beautiful things are the shortest-lived.

The fluttery nature of cherry blossoms parallels the breath: it comes and goes. And with that flow, so we go . . .

While I love a good shop (did someone say Aritizia? lululemon? Bloomingdales?), I don't need to have it all. A reminder to take what we need and no more. Appreciate beauty without owning it. Not only is this way more zen for your soul but also your bank account.

The other curious thing about cherry blossoms is that they fall at the height of their beauty, rather than withering away on their branches. Kinda like the idea of leaving a party when you're still having a good time. 

Delight in this magical time of year and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of nature's delicacy. And do check in to remember how little you actually need to be truly happy.

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