New Moon in Gemini

Yehrin Tong
The NEW MOON in Gemini brings us the gift of refining our perceptions. With Neptune the planet of illusions being a key player, we are reminded to see people and situations as they are and cut through the mirage of illusions. There is definite delusion in the air, so keen in to what is actually true. Remember actions speak louder than words, so go by actions and not by talk.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights form the most tuned in readers of the planetary bodies. First from the always inspiring Kelley Rosano:
“The Gemini New Moon is in challenging aspect with Neptune. Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) …Neptune is like looking through a kaleidoscope of beautiful illusions. You see what you want to see. The mirage is of your own making and desire…”
“…Where people run into trouble is when you believe that the fantasy is true. That is seeing what you want to see instead of embracing the truth. Neptune is famous for its big letdown in love. This is referred to as ‘love’s illusion’. The best strategy when navigating Neptune’s cold waters is stay awake.
See people for who they are and not who you want them to be. This holds true in your investments. If something seems too good to be true it is. Neptune challenges can bring out the liars, thieves and betrayers. You know the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Creator is initiating you in these types of situations. This is to increase your discernment and self-mastery…:
 ”This is a dreamy New Moon filled with potentials and promises. Don’t go by promises. Use behavior as your guide. It is never what people promise. It is always what they do.It is never the talk. It is always the walk. You want to walk your talk. Make sure to be clear in your communication with other people. Be honest and sincere. Work on increasing your communication skills. Listen more and talk less.”
“…. Saturn (the master builder) is in harmonious energy flow with Jupiter (the master strategist.) In fact, they are forming a grand water trine with Chiron (the wounded healer.) This healing astrological event will be on all of June. This energy can heal you from the ongoing Cardinal Grand Square. That is requiring you to step up in your vibration and stand in your truth. You are being born again. Creator wants to heal you. Creator wants to empower you. What would you be doing if you were fearless?
“Venus enters Taurus just a few hours after the New Moon. She is thrilled to be home. This is your opportunity to use the Gemini New Moon and Venus in Taurus to align with your core values. When you line up with your core values, you are on path. You are in touch. You are in control of your life… When your actions and intentions are lined up with your core values, you create the life you truly desire. This will happen organically.
 “…The Gemini New Moon message is…Increase your communication mastery by listening deeply to what is being said. And, what is not being said. Listen to your intuition. Your instincts will never fail you. The logical mind can be deceived. The eyes and ears can be fooled. They see what they want to see. They hear what they want to hear. However, your Inner Being cannot be fooled… Live your life from your authentic self, inside out. The power is in your hands.”

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