tune in to expand out

It's that time of year of turning inward during these darker months: becoming quiet and introspective, staying home more often, going out less, taking long hot baths and sleeping longer. At the same time, the Holiday Season contrasts with our natural inclination to rest and contemplate. As we prepare to wrap up another year, there's an impulse of being merry + bright, of shopping until we drop, indulging in sweet treats, dashing from one party to the next and rushing around busy airports in the hopes of making a connection. 

Perhaps this year, plant the seeds for a more intuitive, simpler, and natural Holiday Season. Just like when you plant a seed into the earth, the flower needs the darkest in order to blossom and grow. Embrace the Winter Solstice to tune into the magic and beauty of the season by feeding your spirit, nurturing your soul and to explore what you want to grow in the New Year.

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