the soft whisper of endings and beginnings . . .

Well, you sure were one helluva year, weren’t you?! 

Attuned to the spirit of the Year of the Horse, you've had me galloping right from the start. Back in November, I was done with you but I guess you weren’t done with me just yet . . . I gave this year my all and then it took more. One of the years that I have gained the most - adventures, creativity, friendships, laughter, success, love - and lost what I never thought possible: my north star. 

Yup, it's been one of the MOST powerFULL years I’ve ever experienced. A yoyo of getting grounded (but, in true Gemini fashion, never for long) before uprooting, jet setting not only around the world on land, sea and air but exploring potentials and possibilities like never before. Vancouver, LA, NYC, London, Italia and home, sweet home: deep in the pulse of my own heart. Boundaries were bumped. Leaped and landed. 

Creative collaboration. Soul sparkler. Spirit Seeker. 

Found balance . . . and lost it. Questioned the beauty of the Beloved. Opened to Grace.  Found a little faith. Put my voice out there + sang my song. Loved and lost - deeply. Got more real + less perfect. Unearthed strength in surrender. Realized that pranayama isn’t a part of the practice, it IS the practice. 

I struggled and (eventually) surrendered to the unseen and the unheard. What I thought life was, is now over and where I’m heading is unknown. Time to let go for the mystery and manifestation to unfold. On this New Year's, I sit in the space between remembering + forgetting while welcoming the NEW with the hopes that what broke me in 2014 is what inspires me into become more.

There’s something of significance . . .  Fueled by the breath of change in the direction of openness + optimism, here’s to high aspirations, no expectations + awakening to the Wonder + keeping my heart open, head high and spirit free . . . I’m in . . .  Let’s do it . . . 


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