new moon . . . beginnings + endings

My astrologer in Canada, Marielle Croft, sent me a little astral insight to what is deemed the most powerful week of 2015. With the Spring Equinox on the horizon, this is indeed a time for "breakthroughs and insights, when we can ride the energies of change into a new future."

As this is a time of initiation and completion, beginnings and endings, it's no surprise that I pulled the Goddess Card, Kali, this morning:

Here's what's amidst the stars:
1.  New Moon at the end of a sign Two meaningful events are lining up in the same day  with the New Moon on Friday March 20th, 2015 the same day as the Spring Equinox. This one is a powerful New Moon since it has a total eclipse of the Sun. Eclipses deepen and intensify everything in place in people’s life and in the world. Normally, the New Moon is the beginning of the Moon cycle but, here, it's a beginning that occurs at the very end of the entire zodiac. It is a beginning that is, in fact, a finishing and it also is a powerful new beginning since it embraces in the same day the Spring Equinox, the authentic beginning of the yearly cycle. Essentially, it's the beginning of a New Year! YAY for fresh beginnings!

2.  What does it mean? We cannot be more at the end than this. There is an evolutionary journey in each sign beginning with the first degree and completing with the last. In the first few degrees one begins an exploration of that new territory. Progressively as they get closer to the middle, around 15 degrees, one definitively possesses experience and maturity. There is greater ease at manoeuvring within the context of that particular sign. When we get to the last degree it is considered the deepest and most spiritual of all. It's a place of great mastery (just like the degree of this New Moon). A profound detachment takes place. We no longer feel the urge to explore and discover since it has been accomplished. We then “become” the journey. It is within. It has become our inner power and mastery. It is time to share our wisdom and to pass on our legacy.  Whom we have become at this point is the starting point to engage into whatever comes next. At this New Moon it is as if it was telling us that we have completed something. We must draw from our “inner belongings” (meaning all  that we know and have become) in order to successfully pass and graduate into a “higher grade” of human evolution. Some will succeed and some won’t.   

3.  Spring Equinox The day of the spring equinox is considered the most dynamic of the entire year. The nature has awakened and pushes Earth’s life force up to the surface. We begin to feel more alive. Astrologically, the Sun has arrived at zero degree in Aries which happens to be the very beginning of the entire zodiac. We cannot be more at the beginning than this. From the highest possible wisdom digested a few hours earlier at the Pisces New Moon we now engage into a new yearly cycle from a deep place of awareness.

So, what does all this mean? It's a powerful time. As the moon passes in front of the sun, the earth is eclipsed from the vibrant electric yang energy of the sun. The moon’s shadow holds the earth in divine feminine care while we re-start, re-boot and re-connect in new ways to our inner path. As the sun is momentarily interrupted by the moon’s transit,  a new cycle is created for spiritual growth and receptivity. 

As we dance under the shadow of this new moon/ Solar eclipse/ Spring Equinox listen for your inner rhythm. The pulse of your heart, the gestures of your body and song in your voice . . . what do you bring to the dance? How do you offer yourself emotionally, spiritually and energetically to others? Our relationship with others is a tender balance of giving and receiving - and of cycles beginning and ending.

What you allow is what will continue.

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