faith + trust

Digging into Mystica Mamma's September whispers and wow, what a month!!! The beat that transitions us from Summer to Fall are our dear old friends, faith + trust.

The full report is over at Mystic Mamma, but here are some momentary meditations:

“The stronger and more organized our inner container is, the better it can feed our outer container with the FAITH and TRUST we need to move into the future. This may be the only thing that keeps you sane this month . . . You need to trust that everything will work out according to a larger plan of collective spiritual evolution.
“Release what is still holding you back from the exquisite potential of the unknown . . . Your inner life is the key here and at the end, it is all you really have.
“How do you organize your spiritual life? Start with anchoring a practice of some kind, something you can do every day at the same time that serves as a reminder and a reference point for your Faith and Trust in a larger Spiritual energy."
And so, how do you organize your spiritual life? Why is that important to you? When you are anchored how do you FEEL?

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