choice point.

"Growth actually has discomfort to it. The deeper you go, the more uncomfortable it gets in some ways, and yet in other ways, the more fulfilling it gets.

We tend to prefer the comfort of the known...even if it's not helpful...even if it's somewhat painful, than the discomfort of the unknown...even if the unknown is inspired, unique and totally breaking out of our shell...breaking out of our old state, our old self. Often times as we practice, we start feeling a new part of us emerging and coming forward, and we may actually feel a recoiling of sorts...a recoiling back into the known. And here is where we stand at a "Choice Point."

Am I going to courageously face the unknown so that I will continue to grow and evolve? Will I continue to follow inspiration and allow positive changes to happen? Or am I going to step back into what's more familiar...the old, no longer constructive state?"
~Rod Stryker

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