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December 14 | Relaxed
Where did you feel most relaxed?

I had met a super cool guy when I was working on a TV show and he invited me to give SUP yoga a try. We paddled out in a small group on a perfect sunny Sunday for morning yoga. We were out for nearly two hours floating around and the yoga class was about 60 minutes. The sun was shining down on us warming us from the inside out as we saluted the sun, moved through a warrior sequence, did some forward folds (I must say, the transition into Prasaritta Padotanasana has never been so tricky!), played with Bakasana, headstand and then did a few Urdhva Danurasanas (Wheel Pose) before taking a glorious savasana. 

Generally, savasana - the well deserved conscious rest at the end of yoga - is when I am most relaxed. However, savasana after SUP yoga was incredible. Literally, just going with the flow: flow of breath, flow of consciousness, flow of whatever is. 

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