the secret to success for your new year: fill the year with little moments

Alright friends, we've survived the first two days of yet another brand new year. And so far, things are definitely feeling lighter and brighter. Agreed?

January is the perfect new beginning we are all given every twelve months. No matter how great - or not so great - the past year was, it can all be different, bigger, and better this year. However, we all know that those infamous New Year's Resolutions never last. I'm not being pessimistic, but rather realistic. I think that one of the biggest reasons that New Year's Resolutions never stick around is that these goals are often more than we can chew. Change comes about by all the small actions you take. If everyone understood the simple power of a small action, well, then we'd all take action.

How about this yet setting some sustainable goals?

Smile more.
Take a moment to reach out to say HELLO to a friend.
Eat one (or two!) less cookies.
Consider the way you greet someone.
Drink one more glass of water.
Instead of an impossibly long meditation pause and take 10 deep breaths. Heck, even two breaths will do.
Say Thank You.

I believe in the power of one. Just do something, one thing. As Desmond Tutu says, "God says I don't have anyone except you." And, well, there just one of you. Just do something, one thing. 

Whatever your new year resolutions, intentions or revelations might be remember that as the year flows onwards, that every breath is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Here’s to fresh starts . . . one breath at a time.

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